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Canada w/ Lance Bass and Aaron Carter!

Hey, Canada! Are you ready to rock?! We are so excited to, once again, perform with Lance Bass from *NYSNC and Aaron Carter to bring

the Ultimate Boyband Tribute to Canada. Along with that show we are hitting up Canada for another round, Texas, and South Carolina.

You can also find us all over NY state this month and we can't wait to see you there!

We’re bringing in Summer 2018 with some tick-tock, yah don’t stop glory!

June 1 - Lava Cantina - Dallas, TX

June 2 - Capital Centre - North Bay, Ontario, CA

June 9 - The Windjammer - Isle of Palms, SC

June 16 - Brewski's - Bronx, NY

June 22 - NY - TBA

June 23 - NY - TBA

June 28th - Outdoor Amphitheater - Cortlandt, ny

June 30th - Resort World - Queens, NY

*Click on the venue for links/details!


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